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Intercession for the Fires

What to pray when we start to see prophetic words playing out regarding nationwide bushfire, the Lord God’s preparation’s for the return of Christ, the renewal of His church and His people, and a new revelation of His ecclesia, operating

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Fire and Water: This is 2020 (and 5780)

Grace and truth; Holiness and Love; Jew and Gentile; Fire and Water…these are the things of 2020 (and the Hebrew year 5780). It is the time of the 5 ‘C’s’ – Confluence, Consummation, Convergence, Council, and Confession. For the Lord

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Some Insights for 2020 (and Hebrew Year 5780)

The following is some prophetic insights for the year 2020 (and Hebrew year 5780), as discerned from God. For prayerful consideration and testing with the Lord Jesus, for now we only see in part. In Summary This is the year

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Ever noticed just how similar the sun and light looks at sunrise and sunset? I guess if you if you woke from a deep slumber, and looked to the sky, without a time piece and a sense of direction you

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