The Fires of Intercession


With the staggering fires that impacted Australia late in 2019, and early 2020, now a dim memory, largely thanks to the impact of another consuming fire (COVID-19), it seems it is time to reflect on what was occurring. More directly, to consider what to pray when we see prophetic words playing out regarding nationwide bushfires, the Lord God’s preparation’s for the return of Christ, the renewal of His church and His people, and a new revelation of His ecclesia, operating with a passionate love, and power, that has not been seen…for many years (if ever)? For this author, there was an opportunity to pray with others with all that is unfolding, and thought it might be useful to share this prayer. But first, some background.


During the 2015, through to mid 2016, the Lord began speaking to me about the coming fire (including bushfires), storms, Australia, and His preparation of His people for His return, and the raising of a new move of God, with the burning passion for Christ, and His power. Some of these words are posted in the links below.

During 2019 words were also released from the Lord relating to the cleansing fire of God, and His renewing of the church. Please see a couple at the links below.

And finally, the Lord has also been speaking about what is to come in the season marked by the year 2020, and the related Hebrew year of 5780, and noting how He is speaking of a new season, marked by confluence, consummation, fire, and water. See link the following links: 

There is was then, a sense of what the Lord was revealing in the present time about the nation-wide bush fire disaster in Australia. Please see this link:

The prayer

With all this before us, the following is just one prayer that is an example of prophetic intercession. Perhaps it provides some food for thought for you. Regardless, God bless you richly as you join with Him in prayers, intercession, and other acts for Him during this season.

Lord God, our nation burns due to our sins, tragic mistakes, fallen nature, and groaning of creation. We humble ourselves before You, and seek Your forgiveness and Your face. Turning to You the Creator of all, and our only answer, we not only seek Your Hand of help, but all of You. May we repent and turn afresh to You. Lord in Your mercy send the rains, pouring out from the storehouses of heaven Your waters, and Your Spirit. Cause the fountains of the deep to open up, bringing healing to our land. With the fires and water, may we be baptised afresh in You, and born again. Let our hearts burn with passion for You. The old nation passing away, as behold You make all things new in Christ. Come, Lord, come. Hear our cries, and reveal Your mighty hand of love. For even despite our weaknesses, Your mercy triumphs, and You do not strive with us in Your anger or sadness. In the name of Jesus Christ, let it rain.

Lord, may our Prime Minister seek Your wisdom, become like a father to the nation, and be anointed by the Holy Spirit to know the intercession of Christ, standing in the gap, with others, for our nation. Father guide our governmental, community, business, and emergency services leaders, with great insight, love, and collaboration. Thank you, Lord, that a new spirit of unity and mateship arises by Your grace, and the works of help continue with greater love by us to support those desperately impacted by the fires and the pandemic. Lord of all creation, may You bring a miracle of restoration in our environment, with new life, fauna and flora, springing forth to renew the burnt-out and barren lands.

Thank you, Lord, that You cause 2020 to be the year where we will see chapters in life close, and new ones begin. May this year mark a time where many of the promises and prophecies of God spoken in the last season (maybe even a decade or more ago) will come to their end point and fulfillment. Lord Jesus, let this new year see two streams of the Body of Christ, those who are strong in the word of God, and those who flow in the Spirit, truly merge and become one river, according to the prophetic insights for this year. Lord, as Your grace extends for marriages, and new alliances, let all involved seek Your wisdom and love, and the Kingdom of God advance. Father, may dreams and visions from the Lord received in recent years begin to take true form, with Your hand God moving in powerful ways, with blessing and provision following, and a fresh outpouring of gifts from God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Lord God may this be a season where wickedness will know judgement, and the righteous justice, as the courts of heaven reflect Your mercy and righteousness on earth. Lord may those who have been holding on to the promises of God, and even clinging to the Lord Himself through much injustice and trial, see their prayers answered and You manifest justice, restoration, and redemption. Thank you, Lord, that many of those things for which an end was prophesied will finally be manifested in this season, marking the end of one thing, and ushering a new work of the Spirit of God, and refreshing.

Lord Jesus Christ, may this year mark a new season where the Word of God will be heard in the streets, cities, governments, churches, enterprises, homes, highways and byways of this nation, and beyond, releasing blessing, creativity, new ideas, salvation, and Godly rebuilding. Let Your Shepherds’ voice be heard once again clearly across all parts of society. Thank you Lord that you raise up those humble servants, who have been trained in the Spirit and Truth of God, and who seek only You glory, who will declare Your word fearlessly, and many ears will be opened to receive this bread of life. May salvation’s bell ring clearly as souls give their hearts to Your good news, and Your prophetic word brings much fruit.

In the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN

Some more on this can be found here.


While in the natural the fires caused much earlier last year, and late in 2019, our intercession for this nation is so desperately needed, with warnings provided to us about the consequences of our decisions, believing these are provided to allow the nation to change course before greater sorrow comes, even leading us to our destiny and joy.

Just one warning is as follows:

LORD, have mercy.

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