Humbly we say, ‘Lord pour out Your fire’.

It is with some encouragement we see again prophetic words pointing to a major work of the Lord, with an outpouring and fire of God that sweeps a nation, or causes a city and region to be known for healing, with open windows of heaven, and glory wells of fire breaking open. For Brisbane, and really its surrounds, these words have even been very specific for this region recently. Such is the tsunami of God’s move, a mighty work that sees revival and transformation…and above all is a work of God, by His grace.

Much has been said about this coming to the church is these areas. This is the body of Christ, and in fact gatherings brought about by the Spirit of God, involving networks of His saints given over in humility to the Lord Jesus, and where they seek to only worship Him, gather in His presence, honour Him and each other with the love of God, and while founded in His word, open to the move of the Holy Spirit and the new ways He will move. This is not the church as defined by man’s administration, or buildings, or by those of us who call ourselves leaders in the church, when in fact we fear the leading of the Holy Spirit, are more interested in control and power, and place ourselves above all when in fact we should serve all.

For too long the man administered church has not allowed the Holy Spirit to move, and not recognised any gifts other than pastor, teacher, or evangelist, and has not only dis-empowered women and children, but also most saints as they forgot their role was to equip them for the ministry of Christ, and the gospel of His kingdom, rather than entrap them in to thinking the only useful service was for the thing they’s definition of church. Church hierarchies and control pre-dominate churches, and sadly in Australia, the preferencing the authority of special pastorally based “church” leadership networks over the God given anointing and gifting of individuals and teams who are considered “para-church” or unusual, simply because they think kingdom of God not “church” only servitude. Sadly, too, many who are equipped for the work of His kingdom have found themselves in traditional leadership roles as this appeared to be the only way they are acknowledge and compensated for their work. The church must realise that the five fold gifts, and the anointings of the Lord are given to His ministers, and in so far as they do the work of the kingdom of God, they should be recognised and supported whether they are in titled leadership roles or not.

The Land of His Holy Spirit waits for its sons and daughters to recognise their placement in God’s family, and raise their own voice. While honouring our mothers and fathers from UK, US and beyond, we need not think it is they who will bring this move, or in fact are able to host such a work of God in this nation. This is not a work of special meetings, rather an act of God’s grace, where the key is gathering to Him, and resting in the sure knowledge that it is not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit. He is in the land and wells up, and waits for us to yield ourselves to Him, not as orphans fearful and full of control, but sons and daughters of God who are given the keys to His kingdom, and are released to carry Him in to all aspects of His creation. Overseas ministries need to submit themselves to the faithful saints of this land appointed by God to host His move, rather than lord it over them.

Yes, major moves of God are coming, and yet they come to humble saints, given over to the leadership of Christ, and a prayerful and worshipful commune together in the Spirit of God. Gatherings in homes, cafes, in some churches, businesses, community halls, in streets, and markets will see a great visitation of the Lord. He will not be restrained by man, and in His mercy will cause these new wine skins to be filled with His love and power. Our old wine skins can take no heart, other than to seek His renewal, for the Lord will hear the cries of the down trodden and forgotten, and bring justice through the release of the captives, and the restoration of dreams and callings, with the refreshing rain of His presence and provision.

The Lord has given His church the answers to the world’s problems, and these go in to all aspects of society, economies, structures, man made and the Lord’s creation. We need to be open to releasing insights and solution that not only mean the good works of feeding the poor, and emergency housing, and preaching the gospel, but also bring transformation to a nation or region, and with God given resources to indeed have all aspects of society looking to His church, the body of believers and God’s hand, to provide the answers.

Above all, this is the act of God, and not from effort or works lest we should boast. So humbly we seek Him, and wait on our Lord Jesus in worship and honour, saying ‘have Your way Lord,’ and help me to move with You.

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