Queen Elizabeth II – who arises to fill the gap

Many millions around the world will be mourning the passing of perhaps one of the great and most profound leaders in modern history (maybe even much further back), Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ, duty, and the imperial family mark an extraordinary reign of over 70 years. In many ways not only a leader of many, but also a mother or grandmother. Much loved and respected.

In a era where old empires were crumbling, and new ones emerging, she reminded us that there is indeed a greater kingdom, that of God’s alone, that isn’t enforced by might or fear, rather love, devotion, righteousness, and justice. One that is about the rule of your heart not your body or resources. Amongst all the chaos and change of the last century, Queen Elizabeth also exemplified the power of a steadfast heart, and servant leadership. Becoming the bedrock for so many in dark times. She was indeed the light and salt in our world the Lord Jesus calls us to be.

However, she would have been the first to say that it is to the Lord we should find all this, and not in a person, and even today still calls us to follow God, being lead by Jesus Christ. For He is the King she served, and for His kingdom she lived, to serve people whom He loved. And now the call goes out, who will arise as sons of daughter of such faith, to fill the gap created, and to chart new territories. It is not sufficient to rest in the work of Her Majesty, or stand by as an observer to watch the process of ascension, and what will come, rather we are to rise up into our God given identities.

We are called as sons and daughter of God, and many have seen new dreams planted by Him in recent years as we heeded the Father’s voice, His revelations that inspired us to new things. Now is your time…time to move. Perhaps it was tempting to stay as you are knowing the old order was still in place, leaving it to them to hold the course. But that season has ended, and with death comes new beginnings. God has made way for a new season, time to flourish. This takes faith, love, hope, bravery, and endurance. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has joined the heavenly family, and now cheers you on, such that you to can one day hear the immortal words, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Just a few weeks from the beginning of the holy year 5783, in many ways the passing of Her Majesty marks clearly the beginning of a new season, even a new era, and now we move into it empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Vale Queen Elizabeth, long reign the King of kings over our hearts.

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