Watching the nations from God’s perspective

For the kingdom is the Lord’s, and He rules over the nations. (Psalms 22:28)

and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, (Ephesians 2:6)

As we enter a new decade, with the year 2020 just around the corner, it is important to come up a little higher to hear and see what the Lord reveals in the works of His grace and mercy amongst the nations. For it is from our place in heavenly places we should look, and not from the world’s perspective. Set your watch with the Lord, and let He, the ruler of nations, reveals to you His plans and purposes.

Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!” (Revelation 11:15)

It is easy to be drawn in to what we see with our natural eyes, and certainly the voices of the earth, and yet Almighty God calls us to fresh revelation, for He is indeed the Lord of the nations, and prepares them for His return, pulling down and building up as He sees necessary. Personality politics, and the focus on individual leaders by the media can cloud our vision. For while the international stage seems somewhat polarised by international leaders, our focus must be beyond those individuals. Much as God used unlikely characters to lead His people in Israel, or other foreign kings were used by forces evil and good to shape the destiny of nations, so to the Lord still works today in mysterious ways to fulfil His plans and purposes. I wonder what today’s media and social critiques would have said about King David, Pharaoh, Solomon, Cyrus, Hezekiah, Saul, or Ahasuerus, to name just a few instruments of God’s will for destiny of nations.

The work of mercy is clear in nations such at the United States of America, United Kingdom, and Australia. Many become focussed on the polarising leadership styles in those nations, fanned by the self-righteous socialist politics, the media, and sometimes there own actions.

We are to be of no doubt, in the USA Trump is the one the Lord appointed to commence a path of correction to the moral decline of that nation, and to refocus them away from the malaise of beliefs of the nations. In this man, God found one who would to confront establishment, and the compromising spirits of the land, and open a window of grace for the nation to come back to the Lord. Its now up to its people to pursue this opportunity of refocusing on Jesus Christ, His Word, and His love, to determine the outcome of this grace period. Trump indeed has his failings, and it is ironic that someone such as he was chosen for such a course correction of a nation, but it was necessary as this polarising man was the right one God would use to polarise the views of the nations peoples. For in the compromising spirits, and malaise of beliefs, their path was away from Him, but in the black and white challenge, the contrasting decisions that must be made become clearer. This is about the future of USA, and it not about the lordship of Trump, for in him the Lord again reveals in the weakness of man He is strong, and He guides the heart of rulers like a river. In this leadership God has revealed that many would prefer to persecute a man over his failings (past and present) while lauding another who caused a nation to fall from grace. The hypocrisy and deceit of the systems of leadership and manipulation in that nation had to be exposed, and so an unlikely leader was raised up!

It is the Lord’s plan to restore right relationships between the United Kingdom and the nations, and to raise it up again in to its identity in Him, the Defender of Faith, a nation small in size, but big in heart, by the grace of God. One to be key in the building of the kingdom of God. Many rage against the idea of ‘leaving’ the European Union, however in the end their citizen ship with that alliance of nations was drawing them away from God, and deeper in to the hand of hidden powers. And thus, in His mercy the Lord once again raises up an unlikely, perhaps, to some, a slightly bombastic leader in PM Johnson, one who again polarises the people and systems to expose their true influencers against God’s will, and to bring about the divorce from the EU, and the hopeful reunion with God. The Lord has not given up on the UK, and has sent saints of old and new to intercede for her, and bring her in to His kingdom of nations, and thus He continues to bring about His purposes for this nation. Out of the bitterness of divorce, healing and unity in Christ can come, and once again the mighty nation, can be a force for light and faith in a darkening world. So, be wise in your assessment of PM Johnson, for again in Him the Lord reveals HIs sovereign ways, and that in weakness He is strong. The Lord would call the UK to forge new alliances of righteousness with key nations of the world.

And so we come to Australia, where a Pentecostal PM has been placed as a leader to the nation, and again the left wing of politics, and media (to some extent), seek to persecute him simply because of his faith, and their hatred of God. While confused in his doctrine of the grace of God, and perhaps ignorant the God of justice and righteousness, this PM, has been placed to give the nation of Australia a window of grace. To see one who is leader to also be interceding for its future, and to encourage His saints to join in this place of intercession, is a gift from heaven. For surely this nation’s land are ravaged by its sins, and its moral decline accelerating beyond memory, so the Lord in His sovereignty has given the people of Australia a chance to rethink the path it pursue. This is to be the Southland of the Holy Spirit, where life and revival will spill out across its people and the nations, and yet it must be a holy land. The call is for its PM, and leaders, to seek righteousness, and resist the spirits of death and destruction coming against it, along with the forces of man, and his desire to be god.

Again, the schemes of the enemy are being exposed through the polarisation of views such leadership must cause in its people at this time, and to expose the enemies hand through the arrogance of the wicked. But there is much that lies ahead that needs to be done, and first the church in this nation must come back to the Lord God, cast of the systems of the world, and return to the headship of Christ, His truth, His Spirit, and the Word. True unity for the nation and its church comes only in Christ, and by the Holy Spirit, and not by the spirits of compromise and the methods of man. If this act of grace is not accepted, great is the tumult that will come to Australia. For the Lord reveals a menacing army from the north, with a heart in China, eyes the nation with great envy, and will move with a sense of permission if our moral collapse will continues and its turning from God, and even this in the end would still bring the nation to its identity. For the Lord will use even foreigner, like Cyrus of old, to build the kingdom of God in the Southland of the Holy Spirit, and will judge harshly those who abuse this privilege. And yet, there is a better path of peace, if the nation would choose now to bow its knee again to Christ, and to fear the Lord their God.

The Lord weeps for Canada, Germany, Spain, and France, who think they are rich, and yet are so poor. He calls to them to cleanse their eyes so they can see their wretched state, to cast out the spirit of deceit that has assailed their governments, and return their hearts to God and His Son. For He laughs at their derision of Him, and He says to His Son, “You hold the iron rod, to You it has been given the smash the hearts of wicked, and to judge the nations. Ready Yourself, for their time comes.” The Lord does hear the hearts of the faithful in that nation, and calls them to be set apart to Him. Seek the hand of the Shepherd, and He will come with His staff, and cause you to sit at His table even in the face of the enemy. The Lord sees the goat and sheep nations in Europe, and weeps for those who prefer the rule of man, (and woman), and worship other gods. He laughs at those who have not learnt from Babel, and honours those who are faithful to His Christ.

For the nation of old, Russia, who seeks to gain its sense of position and authority on the global stage, the Lord would say He has no time for the proud. He sees the anti-Christ spirit at play, even in your leadership, and will expose their darkness. Be strong you servants of the Lord, stand firm in Your Christ and do not be swayed by the wickedness of leadership. In the arrogance, they cannot see the hand of God using them for His purposes. For indeed they have self will, until they do not. God will not allow HIs holy land Israel to fall in to the hands of such leaders.

And so we come to the Holy Land, Israel, and look in astonishment as they go again to national elections for this third time in a year because that cannot form a working government. During this season of political war, their enemies plot their destruction, and the internal combatants reveal the flaws of their foes. For while the leadership have sought righteousness for the nation, it has only been in part, and they have not taken it for themselves. God will deal with corruption in government, and yet His hand of grace has not lifted from this nation, and so He will not allow a rule that takes it from it destiny having restored its people to their land. The election and government problems are a sign for this nation, for the government that rests on the shoulders of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, is that which is to rule nations, and He seeks it for Israel. As a sign that He is coming again, He causes disarray in the nation’s government in the hope the Jews will reawakened to their need for the Messiah, and so start to turn their hearts to the Anointed One, Yeshua Adonai.

For 2020 speaks of confluence of great forces, good and evil, as well Spirit and Truth, and will see the consummation of promises and new unions. Across the nations this year speaks of a great dynamic, and also a time of promise. He calls to these nations, and others, to walk through the gates of righteousness He has opened before them in this season, knowing this window of grace is for a season. Like the men of Issachar we are to know the times and seasons of God, and receive this mercy with open arms. Should we turn our heart from this window of grace, great is the tumult that will come, before the Lord the raises up His army to restore peace to the nations of His choosing, those who have chosen Him.

As we watch and join with Christ Jesus as He intercedes at the right hand of God, we seek to look with His eyes, and pray with His words, for He knows the end from the beginning. In His mercy He reveals what maybe, or will be, by His prophetic gift, and provides for the opportunity to follow His path of grace, seeking His merciful intervention, rather than stumbling in to the future with a heart of inevitability. In the end it is God alone who can shape the nations heart, but we can pursue His as we meet with Him in His chamber, and in the council of the Lord.

For you prayerful discernment with the our Heavenly Father.

For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known. (1 Corinthians 13:12)

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