Blooms in the desert

revival in the desert

For the blood of the saints of Christ will be heard, and He will cause their sacrifice to be answered. For out of this a great revival will arise, the Lord Himself will bring it to pass. See your blood has not been shed in vain, for the Lord comes with His sword to strike a blow against those murderous spirits, and with His sickle cause a great harvest of souls.

His Church shall bloom in the wilderness, rivers of living water springing up in the desert. Out of the barren lands of Iraq and Syria, Israel and Iran, Turkey and Egypt, shall arise His brethren, as many as the stars above, and the sands of the desert. A Bride prepared for His return.


For now is the time of His reckoning, now is the judgement of this land. And in His mercy He sorts the wheat from the chaff, burns away the dross, and causes His spotless Bride to be prepared for the great wedding feast.

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