Digital Tsumani and the New Machine Age

We are now in the midst of one of the greatest changes to occur in society, perhaps even greater than the Industrial Age, however business and government are generally ignoring it, and in fact largely still applying economic rationalism or Keynesian economics to a paradigm that no longer exists…at least the latter saw the issue could arise. We need to wake up to the challenge…and surf the possibilities. Be informed.

Read this article:

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Interestingly the best response is revealed in the Gospel of Christ, and an understanding of what it means to operate according to the Kingdom of God…as opposed to religious “order”, humanism, and economic rationalism. Capitalism is at the crossroads, and now being tested, and yet ironically the one often called father of it (Adam Smith, aka Wealth of Nations) understood well the key to it success as expressed in his faith, and revealed a little in his ‘Theory of Moral Sentiments’. His oversight perhaps, assuming man would not abandon God and Christian principles…and its underlying moral fabric of otherness, love, hope, faith, awe of God, empowerment to the individual in the context of the love of and for family, truthes of Christ..the need of a Saviour, and freedom.

The church has a message and role in responding to this massive movement, a Tsunami that can bring great good or damage, and it needs to proclaim and live that word…heaven on earth, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

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