The dreamer, the chosen father, and unsung hero…




Christ in a manger

Joseph, the dreamer and ‘father’ of God’s child

During this time we recall there is another Joseph in the Bible who dreams, he is the adoptive father of Christ, and it would seem has a number of characteristics similar to his more well know name sake, the one with the many coloured coat. He is also one that is often the forgotten; however at Christmas, we are given a chance to remember the vital role he played, and thus an insight to the mantle of Joseph that tarries even today.

He sets us fathers a challenge, will we rise to the occasion and be the just men, who hear and know God’s voice, and obey the Lord to protect both child and mother? Will we even go where shame may come, forsake all even home and land, and do what is necessary to protect the children of God, and those who mother them, and recognise this is a role we can undertake by grace, needs strength, and the knowledge that the child(ren) you are given to father are from God?

Now when they had departed, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, “Arise, take the young Child and His mother, flee to Egypt, and stay there until I bring you word; for Herod will seek the young Child to destroy Him.” (Matthew 2:13)

She bore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was caught up to God and His throne. (Revelations 12:5)

Let us consider Joseph:

  • Descended from King David (Matt. 1:17) and perhaps revealing he carried a type of crown given (imparted) to Joseph (Deut. 33:16)
  • The one given to be the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus (Matt. 1:18)
  • A just man, one who behave with decency (Matt. 1:19)
  • Dreamer with God – whom God spoke to through dreams, and angelic visitations, and one who seemed to have the grace to take this in his stride…he did not “fear” such interaction (Matt. 1:20; 2:13,19)
  • Obedient to the voice of God (Matt. 1:24; 2:14,21,22) – God speaking to him in dreams four times, and he obeyed each time. A servant of the Lord, and His word.
  • Used by God to protect mother and Child, and agent of our Father in heaven, the hand of God. Revealing the mighty form of spiritual warfare that Joseph participated in well simply through the act of obedience. (Matt. 1:24; 2:14,21,22; Rev. 5,6,14)
  • He was called to be the shield, (adoptive) father, and husband to the Son of God and Mary.
  • Foreshadowed the important role of fathers to protect children, and their identity, and the mothers; and also to shield the new born work of God (particularly the endtime church, and the intercessors and nurturers who are assigned to “birth” the witnessing church. (Rev. 12:4-6, 17; John 15:18-21; Rev. 11:1-6; Zech. 4:1-4, 6, 10, 14)
  • Fathers such as this Joseph have a prophetic mantle (aka ‘eagle’ in Rev. 12:14; and dreamer in Matt. 1&2)
  • In the latter days such fathers need to arise, and perhaps it is clearer now as to why it is considered essential in the Word of God (Mal. 4:5,6)
  • He was given understanding, through prophetic dreams and angelic visitation, of who the Christ child was – and thus also will know who the witnessing church is (Luke 2:18,21,29-33,38,49; Matt. 1:21)
  • Revealed it is important to name the child according to God’s destiny (Matt. 1:21; Luke 2:21)
  • The witnessing church is to be protected , and set aside even, to grow and multiply in order to take the promised land as the people of Israel did during the time of Joseph (the son of Jacob).
  • Parallels with the other Joseph (son of Jacob the dreamer), who protects the small tribe of Jacob (the children of Israel) and provided a place to multiply abundantly even during times of famine. (See references in Matt. 2:13,15; Num. 24:8; Hos. 11:1; Gen. 37:9; Gen. 46-48; Rev. 12:1)
  • The prophetic blessings spoken over the first dreamer Joseph (and his tribe), seem to also apply to those who carry the mantle of Joseph (whether carpenter or Prime Minister). (Gen. 49:22-26; Deut. 33:13-17)
  • These blessing reveal that: Joseph is separated to do the work of God; protecting and nurturing the children) of God; Pushing peoples to the end of the earth; receives the full blessing of God (fruitfulness, productivity, favour of God, precious things of the earth, fruitfulness of breast and womb) – and this is upon the head of Joseph and the crown of Joseph.
  • Perhaps the Bible thus speaking of the authority and family of Joseph, and the mantle and kingship anointing given to Joseph -> the Joseph call.

So with all this it is possible to see that God is calling fathers to be like Joseph, and recognise their call to protect both mother and child, and perhaps even raising up ‘latter day’ Josephs who will quickly ‘catch up’ the new things of God (particularly the latter day, witnessing church birthed by  intercessors) to heavenly realms where this troop/family will grow strong in the Lord, becoming powerful witnesses of God, who understand and reveal His presence, the love and family of God, and the power and angelic ministry of the Lord -> the Elijah community who dwell in heaven on earth.

When God is going to do such a work, expect Him to raise up the Joseph generation who will “father” His move, knowing they are to obey the Lord, and that it is God’s child. So we honour those Josephs’, often separated from many, who are just, faithful and obedient men with the Father’s heart, and thank the Lord He is calling you forth in to your destiny, a warrior of love who defeats the schemes of Satan, and protects the new things of God.



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