Indonesia needs mercy

As we see the sad fate of #Bali9 duo Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, killed by execution after ten years in prison for drug trafficking…and making a remarkable rehabilitation. Australia, and other nations impacted, by the death of a number of foreign national struggling to understand a nation that with holds mercy, and seemingly drawing thick lines of differentiation. On the other hand we see Indonesia being upset that western countries are apparently not respecting their laws. A harsh reminder that Australia is not really an Asian nation (as defined by culture and justice systems) despite modern re-interpretation. North Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and many others still using capital punishment freely even for lesser crimes..and struggling to understand mercy and the value of life..reminding us of an absolute apparent difference in culture. The people of those countries do not realise this is what they also extend to themselves.

Yet in this darkness we see such light. Most executed were Christian who held on to their faith, and with worship and joy went home to our Lord and Saviour. See this article.

While so sad, their heart for our Lord Jesus Christ, and indeed sacrificial worship will be heard in heaven. The seed of revival in Indonesia has been sown, and the sweet aroma of such prayer heard by the Lord. What was meant as judgement shall be used by the Lord to release waves of redemption. As ANZAC cove was a war gone wrong, it is remembered as in it a nation was baptised and strengthened to be one of victory. Miracles will occur Andrew and Myuran, salvation will come to Indonesia.

This is so needed, as to our forgiveness of them and prayer, for the hardening of President Widodo’s heart is reminiscent of previous kings in the Bible. The region is being shaken violently, witness the recent earthquake in Nepal, and we need to hold this in our thoughts as we consider this truth, ‘pride goes before a fall, a haughty spirit before destruction‘. Do not bring on your devastation President, for dark forces are advancing. Rather turn to the flame of hope that is now burning following the tragic events of these executions, and in Jesus you will find mercy.  We need to also join Christ and say, ‘forgive them, for they know not what they do‘.

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