Great the name of Jesus Christ you are “Great”

Of your decision to leave the EU.

Empires shifting…and world systems fracturing…this is the hands of God moulding the world which He holds in His hand. People of UK be at peace, journey well together in prayer and love as you shape afresh with God as your true identity is revealed as the Defender of Faith, a prosperous kingdom, a pillar of His foundations on earth. Let not the voices of fear prosper, you have a strong future ahead, pursue that which you have now begun. Your true allies will arise.
The United Kingdom, seek Christ for by His Spirit true unity is and has been forged….and not the one found in Europe. Now your journey begins, but hold true to God.

The EU will fracture, and a new union formed. Pray, for surely unless Lord would intervene, there could be trouble for empires.

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