Let the Elisha’s arise, and the servants of prophecy be wary..USA

When seeking God’s insights as to the events that have unfolded in the US though the Presidential election, and those effecting Congress and the Senate, He spoke to me out of three areas of the Bible. These come knowing God has moved, and prophetic words have been confirmed in the outcome, and yet His plans go way beyond individuals and politics, all of which can be used by Him as implements of change. Be of no mistake God has caused an uprising to halt the slide, now the servants of God need to continue to pray that the good ship will turn back to Hm and sail on to its destiny.

Daniel 5 – God has trained the ‘Daniels’ through a humbling journey, and now seeks to position them near to kings. Such servants don’t fear anyone other than the Lord, move with prophetic/Seer anointing and discernment, and are gifted to advice and administer in Government.

Hosea 3; 4; 6:1-3 – God is causing His people and His nation to renew their covenant with Him, key to this is the prophetic work of marrying the wayward bride, even purchasing her in order to bring her back to Him. No longer prostituingto others for a price, the Lord is separating her that he may woo her back. This is the redemption of a nation.

2 Kings 5-8

The powerful and rulers will seek God, and those moving in His presence and power, with strong prophetic giftings, because of what God can do. Even seeking prophets for healing, guidance, and insight to the enemies plans. Above all they will seek out God. The Lord, in these times, will raise up those with the Elisha anointing, that the kings of the world will seek and fear because of who God is in them.

These servants of God must be careful to not seek profit from the word and work of God to such kings. For the word is the Lord’s not theirs, and seeking to profit (even from willing gifts) from such ministry to kings with out God’s permission could even bring on them the ailment of kings. Trust in the Lord, He loves His servants.

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