Watch and pray – Great armies gather

A great northern army is gathering – you can hear it’s thundering, and sea little evidence of it occurring. The intercessors start to sense something – particularly as the visit the watches of the Lord – and ask the seers what they see. Signs of this will be messaging between intercessors of a gathering thunder.

You can hear the gathering, particularly some elements of the airforces, even seeing the latter a little. 

Hear the wisdom on the sound, for in it is the two sounds. First, the great northern army of end times is gathering (forces of evil and man, gathering against the Lord’s people and the righteousness of God. Second, the Lord’s army gathering that will defeat the northern army. The airforces pointing to the angelic activity.

See Ezekiel (chapters) 38 and 39; Daniel 11; Zechariah 14; Revelations 20.

Action: Intercede! Watch for the gathering army, the airforces being one of the first visible signs. Be ready for the forshadows of this occurring – precursors revealing in part the final gathering. Forces gathering on different fronts as a fortaste of that which it to come.

 Understand too, that a Panda is not cuddly when it teams with a Russian Bear. And while. There partnering may seem to be over the Korean Peninsula and the surronding seas, understand that it as much a camouflage to hide the western front, and the Holy City ambitions.

 Remember, we are woken to join with our Lord Jesus as He watches over His word to perform it.

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