Korean Peninsula

As US President Donald Trump meets North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore today, with the two sides expected to discuss denuclearisation and a possible peace declaration, and South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in saying that his country hopes for a successful meeting, the world’s expectation are mixed.

Importantly, it is the first time a sitting US president has ever met a North Korean leader, and it is no surprise that with the China power play in the pacific, the US and otheongrs would take the opportunity with some interest. There is perhaps much at play, but what may be being missed in this is the seeds that are now being sown for a future state(s), that have been prophesied by the Lord… the Greater Eastern Empire. An empire of empires, that will see the future union of states in the South East Asian region, to rival that of the EU, and perhaps become an new ally of the US, and some other western (and other regional) states who lift up the name of Jesus Christ. How long will this take? Only God knows, but it is developed in the last days before the Lord’s return.

The union, will see parts of existing countries reform around new, but ancient value sets, and counter the anti-God sympathies of many secular/humanist governments now abounding in the west. Countries will split as part of the formation of the Greater Eastern Empire. The Lord Jesus will indeed cause a fire to be lit and fanned around this region, and burning ones will join in Him to create a new government for Him.

With the many martyrs of North Korea, the cries of their blood has been heard by the Lord, and in them the seeds of a greater move comes. Much water is yet to pass under this bridge, and what occurs in the next few weeks in Singapore and beyond is but a small start of a greater work of the Lord. Do not be dismayed if it does not meet the hype of the tweets from the hopeful, rather know that the Lord does a deeper work, and it starts in His people, and deep in the soul of Korea. Only pray, for the enemy will seek to stir up war to hinder this move, and so be vigilant, and fight in the heavenlies with His hosts who have gathered for this prophetic move. The wars dogs are on the move, send forth angels of peace, and the carpenters of God to deal with such beasts. Watch in the shadows for Russia and China, and another, pray the Lord’s light would reveal the enemies schemes.

For your testing before our Father in Heaven, in Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit.

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