Australian Federal Election…Course correction begins

When we consider the the miraculous result of the Australian Federal election on the weekend, see this link, and the unlikely victory of a Liberal/Nationals coalition Government led by Scott Morrison, we are witnesses of the strong arm of God who acts in mercy to start the course correction of this ship called Australia.

It seems mercy has prevailed, the Lord giving the nation of Australia a chance. Will we take it? The slumbering giant of the church awoke, and some fervent prayer started before the election as they considered where the ‘progressive’ (read left wing) agenda was taking us, but will she slumber again? Of course, the Lord’s faithful intercessors had been stirred up many years before this to travail for our nation. The threat to life (of the unborn and aged), and freedom of religion very real.

Perhaps the majority of the nation’s voters also struggling with the high taxing and a very socialist looking left wing agenda of the ALP. The Christian foundations of the nation were been directly threatened by some aggressive ‘progressive’ (socialist) strategies of the ALP and Greens, but of course the Liberals were also struggling to be consistent on this matter.

The issues of the costs of living are still to be addressed, as to the housing problem, but before that the moral values of the nation, and the restoration of its Christian foundations needs to be addressed, as to the security of the nation. This was a victory for life and righteousness.

Turning an Ocean Liner does not happen as quickly as we like, but is can and does occur, and over the weekend we saw the Lord give us a push start, but He looks to see whether we will repent and continue to press in to Him, righteousness, and the mission of His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. We cannot lean back, rather it is critical we press on in to His mercy. Dark days lie ahead, but in Christ this nation has a refuge, and becomes His beacon of hope for many.

The church in Australia needs to continue to awake, and not fall back in to slumber. Weakness was revealed in the Coalitions policies during the campaign, and so to our new PM. Strength and boldness should be the call, and we should continue to pray for our leaders. Be assured opposition forces will not be happy, and their supporters will react. May the Lord squash their retaliation, sending confusion amongst the enemies camp.

Thank God the Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledged the source of the victory (a miracle from heaven), and sort God’s blessing on Australia. It has been some time before either have occurred.

It is only the Lord Jesus Christ who can save this nation not politicians, and the church also needs Him to bring it much cleansing. If Christians (God’s people) would humble themselves and pray, repent, turning from their wicked ways, then the Lord will hear, and heal our land.

Righteousness exalts a nation, whereas unrighteousness will humble it!

Proverbs 14:34; Isaiah 51:9-16


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