Storms on the horizon…do not fear

And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

(Matthew 24:6)

To the union of states in Europe, the Lord God would say, “You think your greatest enemy comes from within, but know this an even greater waits at your eastern gate. For the bellicose bear maraudes as you fight the friend from within.

But to Russia, the Lord would say, “Will you not learn the lessons of Nazi Germany, for you cannot fight a war on two fronts. Even now the question is being asked, “would anyone other than Russia care if the Siberian resources we taken by China?”

And yet to China, the God of all creation would say, “Do not believe that an Indo-China war would fall your way this time, for your ancient friend has become a deadly foe, and I see your hand in Pakistan”.

To India, the Lord God, and King of kings, would say, “It is not easy for two leviathan to rule side by side, for surely soon one will bite the other. Remember well your path of redemption. Why do you kick against Me?

To the land of the eagle, the God of heaven and earth would call to you, “Remember well the lessons of Vietnam, let not your pride blind you to the trap of the Korean Peninsula. Know this, My Holy Arm of vengeance will strike the evil in that land. I have called you to be My sword that strikes the evil in the nations, but only go up to where I would call you to go, in another peninsula you are needed.” The Arabian peninsula.

“To Australia, My Southland of the Holy Spirit, have you not learnt the lessons* of the ancient king Hezekiah? For he invited the enemy in to his chamber (house), and his sons saw them take it all. But know this, make a stand for righteousness for surely it will cause a stay of the great army of the north, as you turn to Me and my protection, seeking the shield of faith”.

For the United Kingdom, the Almighty cries forth, “Rise up to your calling as a Defender of the Faith, for there you will find grace and mercy. Let not the sirens of Europe distract you from the unity I have called you to, for the far isles will declare the praises of God, and be His instrument of justice. But purge the injustice from the courts”.

“And the sleeping giant shall arise, for I have called nations of Africa from the cape to the horn, to arise as one in the name of the Anointed One, to stand strong in faith and deed.”

For testing before the Lord Jesus Christ.

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