It is going to get hot!

A prophetic dream (4 June 2020)

Part 1) I am in a car with my wife and daughter, and moving to get on a largish bridge to cross over a large river, like the Tasman Bridge in Hobart (Tasmania). We are trying to merge with other lanes of traffic, all trying to get on to the bridge, with people being a bit pushy. All types of vehicles: cars, bikes, trucks, bicycles, etc..

[Dream followed by picture of coming to the end of a bridge, and needing to get out of the car as they only way to do so was to take narrow steps of it.]

Part 2) Possibly after the above, we are on the farm, like being at the family farm house in Derby (Tasmania). My wife, daughter, and I are there, with other siblings and some of their families, along with cousins* from Hobart. Having gathered there the conversation turns to making a trip to Hobart (the other end of the state), although we will be coming back to the farm, but we needed to go south. Discussions turned to sharing cars so not everyone would need to drive. Wondering whether anyone would come with me given my condition..or that was just in my imagination.

As we are about to leave we I notice the weather is warming up, feels like it is going to be a hot day. I go to the bathroom before hitting the road, and notice the temperature gauge on the wall is climbing up fast, with marker going beyond 38 degrees (centigrade), and looking like it will easily get to 40 degrees centigrade, if not go further. It is going to get hot!

* – One of these cousins passed away some years ago, but has appeared in dreams previously as a sign of a message from heaven


This dream came in early June this year felt the Lord warn us through a dream it is going to get hot..real hot..later this year, and through summer. At around the same time Chuck Pierce also had a word that it was going to get hot in the US in August..there summer. This is both metaphorical and a natural image. Points to global impact. Later in June someone in Tasmania had a prophetic visions of intense fires (like those in Australia late in 2019, early 2020) that followed rats, with dragon spirits involved, that were defeated by an angelic assignment as repentance followed. This vision also saw revival fires following.

God is speaking. Turbulence will come, and repentance is needed. There may indeed be natural fires and hot weather, but sense this is as much about heated confrontations. Pray, let repentance come, for it can lead to revival. Rats can also speak of plague and pandemic, and the dragon the leviathan spirit (perhaps enthroned on religion) based in China that is bringing both fire and pandemic to the world this year. Praise God for angelic assignment to deal with this demonic spirit. Repentance and intercession essential for God’s response, which is His governmental decrees.

Some have been called in to safe havens to pray with the Lord, following a deep yearning from God to intercede with Christ at His hand to prepare for the end of days. These gatherings of the faithful remnant are like family, meeting in homes of God, a place of refuge and renewal from the battle zone.

You will be sent on short term prophetic intercessory mission trips from these safe havens in to the heat to bring peace, light, and God’s word to the storm, and to see repentance and Lord’s hand come to those He has called. Do not worry about what you or others think, you are fully qualified by God for these missions. Remember, our Lord Jesus does stand still and calls for those who cry out to Him, and He heals.

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