Beware of the whirlpools

On an early morning prayer walk I watched the fresh water of the Tamar River, a large estuarine system, and the incoming tide collide near the Batman Bridge. As water from the river flowed out to sea, and met the incoming tide, whirlpools formed, as the river flowing on the edge of the water system meets the larger flow in the main part of the river. In this interaction I sensed God was reminding us, even warning us, of the trap of sitting in the middle of the flows…you will just go around in circles, even being sucked into this place.

The trap is that because there is movement you think you are flowing in Him, and yet, in reality, you are going no where. God is calling us to step out in to the deep, in to His new move. Wider, and deeper than in the past. This is a move of His Spirit for the Kingdom age. We can’t have a foot in both camps – the old flow, close to the river bank, which feels more comfortable (representing the church age movement), and the new move of God, deeper and wider, but it means trusting God more and it will seem to take you in a completely different direction (this is the Kingdom age movement).

We need to let go of the past, and go out in to the deep where the future lies. Unless we do we either stay in the old way, going against the flow of God, or, by attempting to try the new but not letting go of the past work of God, we simply end up going around in circles to our eventual demise.

(Remember the trap of Bethesda – see John 5 – we can be like the one waiting by the pool of Bethesda hoping for a touch of God, and yet God is already in the city, we just need to go to Him, or recognise Him in our midst).

He is calling us to go out deep, deeper in to the things of the Spirit, to a place of fullness in Him. To be filled to the overflow. This also means being authentic in our relationship with God, understanding and accepting our weaknesses, asking for His help, and pursuing Him. Going as He flows. He calls us to also be authentic with each other, truly loving, truly open.

No longer is this about the in gathering to the church, rather it is about the sending out, as God’s kingdom expands. We are His royal priests, commissioned to God, carrying the very presence of the King, Jesus Christ, to bring His kingdom to all parts of, businesses, shops, schools, universities, families, community groups, the homeless, the despised. We are the vessels of His flow. It is time to flow, moving as His moves, trusting in His power.

So come, let us go out in to the deep with the Holy Spirit, trusting Him. We are a commissioned people, sent by the Apostle (our Lord Jesus) to go to the places where the people are hiding, bringing love and healing, and the One who is the answer, the Prince of peace. And in the going many will be touched, and desire to gather as a family, to join in worship in unity..for there the Lord commands a blessing, His enthroned presence. But out focus, is to go, and get out in to the River of His Spirit, and see where He takes us. The more we go (with the flow), the more we grow.

Jesus Christ is coming back, and that time draws near, and He needs us to go and make ready for His return. The urgency is palpable. Time is short.

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