Sense of God’s Word for 2011

Sense of God’s Word for 2011

 (Received 1/1/2011)

The Main Themes

Strongholds will crumble in the presence of the Lord

  • The Lion of the tribe of Judah roars where and when He hears His people worship -> when we worship our Lord the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roars.
  • As the Lion roars shaking comes – shaking that causes strongholds and man’s ways to crumble.
  • Redemption comes out and in the presence of God through the shedding of our Lord’s blood and the release of His power of resurrection.

Shaking – for the greater glory; that the eternal structure that cannot be shaken are revealed and restored as man’s and demonic structure crumble; restoring Christ’s leadership and structure to His church; part of the Valley of Decision (Valley of Jehoshaphat). See Haggai 2: Hosea 4:6; Joel 3. Noting God will send His servants to those placed in the Valley of Decision as part of the decision making process!


As the year ended with the Sunshine Coast being spared major flooding due to His grace, but also knowing that He used some to draw prophetic boundaries relating to His house around the area (for His house is a refuge from storm – see Is. 4:2-6), and through the presence and intercession of His saints => so to we can spared in areas on which we are based (across the globe) when we His people humble themselves and pray and stand in the gaps. Taking the position of the intercession, and one who is given the authority to speak to creation in His name.

Storm surge – 5 metres – intercede.

Thus the renewed calls to awake, arise, and shine. Trim your wick, be filled with fresh oil, and stay on the watch. Arise and shine for your light has come, the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

Prophet’s Call

The Living Creatures have been assigned to build My church, My kingdom – and you have been called to join with them. Assayer, Surveyor draw My plans. Go before Me in the Spirit of Elijah, in My Spirit prepare the way. Go for the time is short, great are the troubles heading man’s way, and yet I desire that they would run to Me and My Bride, My Ark, and see such a great salvation and deliverance. That they might rejoice at the coming of their King, the new heaven, new earth and the new Jerusalem.

Be therefore My witnesses, for you were born for such a time as this, only do not slumber, nor sleep, proclaim rather the good news. Call the Church to My altar, maybe at their repentance My hand would stay destruction. For surely the things not of God will be shaken and fall, yet the things of God are everlasting and will stand. His church will stand; People will run to the mountain of God, and see the salvation of the Lord in the radiance of His presence.

The Place of Worship and Intercession

Revelation 4:

  • The throne of God, the throne in which He is seated…the beauty of His presence
  • Twenty four elders – casting down theirs crowns before Him
  • The four living creatures
  • Bowing before the Lamb of God, Everlasting Father.
  • The assembly of God – gathering around the Ark, and most of all, His presence.

On the highest mountain above all mountains, where I meet with My servants, their I will build My church and nothing against it shall prevail.

Interceding – drawing on heaven’s plans for earth. Prophetic visioning and taking others to the Spiritual Church (in heavenly places); the very throne of God. In this place of worship and prayer, Christ comes and like a neutron bomb His presence touches all.

Draw the boundaries, lines, lines of defence and markers of the Lord. Raising up banners against the flood of the enemy.

For Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Ends of the Earth

Jerusalem/Homeland (for me Sunshine Coast and surrounds)

  • Listening and Transmission.
  • Calling on the churches for intercession; Shaking
  • Church – changes in the spiritual and natural realms in business, government, and church.
  • Love arises; Set the watch; Treasures in darkness revealed.


  • Bligh will fall; The rise of shottenburg?/religion
  • Place of refuge – His church.
  • Greed reaps its own reward
  • In a rush, time to slow down.
  • Well springs revealed – see eye to eye (Is. 52:8).


  • Trouble, an opportunity for them to turn to Me.
  • Fire and rain – but so to in the spiritual. The start of the outpouring -> baptism in spirit and fire.
  • Turmoil in government; Shaking up.
  • Watch Victoria – time is short.
  • Sons and daughters arise – birthing of a nation. [Note: Believe this includes the apostles and prophets arising in this land and honour by the church]

Ends of the earth/Nations

  • Ethiopia – war. Now is the time for Africa to unite. Leaders will arise to see them take a new place in the world’s stage.
  • Someone (world leader) to fall, only to see them rise again.
  • UK – royalty under attack; Sons and daughters take a stand.
  • Europe strengthened; US trembles.
  • Eastern Empire begins to emerge – watch Korea, Chinese states.
  • Ancient well springs erupt/emerge.
  • Economy falters
  • Hosea 4:6 – Chosen nations will see changes in leadership.
  • Shaking of nations – Joel 3:14-16.

Sub theme: Behold all things can become new in Christ.

(Note: Firmly believe we can stand with Christ and intercede in Him to see His victory come to past or His mercy shine. Prophetic words provide an opportunity.)

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