We are not restrained by time…

“You can choose to live above time or in time, stepping out of time in to the Lord’s presence”. There is indeed the ability to travel outside of time in His presence. [Surveyor’s Rod, August 2014]

Just to add to this, an ancient text spoke of the following things that have now been observed by modern physics.

Quantum physics effects:

  • It is not possible to observe a system without changing the system – called the observer effect.
  • Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (and double slot experiment) and revealing that quanta can all of a sudden appear somewhere completely different.
  • Entanglement: As you measure/observe/change an entangled quantum (e.g. photon) so its entangled partner changes instantaneously.
  • Quantum teleportation: Basic quantum particle (qubit) can suddenly appear somewhere else. This can also occur with teleportation of quantum energy.
  • String theory (and sub-atomic particle behaviour) – where particles flash in and out of existence in our world at a rapid rate, and can behave like vibrations or particles based on energy and vibration rates.

The text’s name, the Bible..talks of many other related things, such as translation, sounds (energy waves) producing matter, omnipresence/multi-presence, and as you watch you it is revealed.

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