World Wide Gates

Oct 08 onwards 150

Lift up your heads, O you gates!

And be lifted up, you everlasting doors!

And the King of glory shall come in. (Ps. 27:7)

Quite some years ago, the Lord revealed some key places where there seems to be a special link between heaven and earth, gates of heaven, something akin to Bethel as revealed to Jacob in Genesis 28. Other parts of the Bible reveal more about heavenly gates (e.g. Ezekiel 48 and Revelations 21). There is more that could be shared about these gates (see the ‘Surveyor’s Rod’ guide). The gates revealed include those for different nations, regions etc, however below is shown what I call ‘world wide gates’. I have overlay-ed them on to the prayer watch guide provided by the Jerusalem House of Prayer. I was not aware of this map until a number of years after various gates were revealed to me, but recently I thought it may be interesting to bring them together. Perhaps it reveals something to you, please take it to our Lord Jesus. For some reason the picture comes out a little unclear (apologies).

Here is a summary of the gates locations:

World wide gates:

New Brunswick (Canada)
Jacksonville (US)
Rio de Janero (Brazil) – and Rio Grand de Norte
(Buenos Aires – Argentina – not gate but likely portal to the gate)
Falkland Island
(Christchurch, NZ – likely a secondary gate/portal linking to the four corner gate in Tasmania?)
Tasmania (Australia)
Chiang Mai (Thailand)
(Sri Lanka – probably a key watch tower and not a gate)
Somalia (portal link to Madagasca) – note restoration of Africa through restoration of Somalia
Cape Town (South Africa)
Sierra Leonie
(London/Wales/Cornwall/Ireland UK – seem to be to be a key watch tower; query regarding this being a gate)
Iceland – and possible connection with Hammerfest (Norway)
Tiki/ New Siberian Islands (Russia)
Cape Prince of Wales (Alaska)
…back to New Brunswick

Important Note: Jerusalem is the Holy Temple location

(Note: Importance of “Isles” and “Four Corners”; Where these overlap these form key areas for end-time revival – see Matt. 4:18, Matt. 24:31, Mark 13:27, Rev. 7:1, Ezekiel 37:9, 1 Chr. 9:26)

Four corner Gates/Isles

New Siberian Islands (Norosibirskiye Ostrova)
Falkland Islands (inc. South Georgia/South Sandwidch)

World wide gates png

8 thoughts on “World Wide Gates

  1. What does the blue dot signify? I cannot see the blue dot on the key. Your response is appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Norma
      Thank you for the question, and for picking up this one. I should have included it in the key. As I understand it this location appears to be a probably a key spiritual watch tower (rather than a global gate). What do you think?

      I understand that the Lord God has watch towers to overlook key locations, particularly gates, and that on the nation of Sri Lanka there seems to be such a place with a grace for a global watch, particularly over nearby gates.
      I hope that helps, and sorry for the slow response. For your prayer consideration.

      1. Thank you for the clear explanation. This is very helpful in my own seeking, as I only became interested in global gates a couple of years ago.

        I believe God places gates and in this case a spiritual watch tower in certain strategic locations for reasons that will be revealed in these end times, for believers to rise up in spiritual warfare prayer whilst connecting in the spirit in those gateways for spiritual warfare to prepare the way for King Jesus’ second coming.

        I’ve read some work by godly spiritual warfare prophets who believe one of the enemy’s stronghold kingdom is the ‘marine kingdom’ which is located in the Indian Ocean. I believe God is claiming back, through His servants, the land, sea and sky that was illegally taken by the enemy. He has placed gates, spiritual towers right in the enemies camp to destroy their works before the return of our Lord and King Jesus Christ. Sri Lanka is a strategic location in God’s plan.

        Thank you again for imparting anointed knowledge and truths in these end times as we prepare for the return of our King Jesus Christ

        May Yahweh bless the work of your hands abundantly.

      2. Hi Norma
        Thanks for sharing. It is great to grow together in our understanding. I spent most of my time in the global gates piece about 15 years ago, and continue to watch over them as the Lord leads. I documented some of my understandings about the unseen Kingdom realm, and the spiritual gates and watch towers, so perhaps this may interest you. Please see this post, which has a link to the documentation.
        Much more could be added, but the ‘book’ is a bit long already. Certainly believe that God has positioned spiritual gates and watches around the world, within countries, states, regions, churches etc, and that generally all have associated watches. It seems that key is discerning them, and learning to minister in them.
        Sri Lanka is in a key location, and as a watch over one of the east gates to India, as well as the Indian Ocean region.
        Blessing to you, and your service to our Lord.

  2. Hi, my name is Daniella, I am currently residing in Vanuatu 🇻🇺. To my understanding, we (people from the pacific countries) are linked as well to the gates in which shown on the world wide watch map as the Golden Gate.
    We have a group of children under Solway Backstreet Bible Club in Luganville Santo Vanuatu 🇻🇺, that are also participating on the World wide prayer network. We have been joining the prayer network for a long time and we are now currently praying( in general) for the countries linked to the Golden Gate. Could you please help me list down the names of the countries or places apart from the pacific counties which are linked to the Golden gate as well, so that I can Put it up for the kids to have a fare understanding on which countries or places they are praying for.

    1. Daniela
      Thank you for your comment. It is wonderful to hear about kids standing watch for our Lord in the eastern gates. Praise God.
      In respect to the Golden Gate I would defer to the one who has been behind those insights, Tom Hess. The map relating to that comes from his team (Jerusalem House of Prayer). I overlayed on this map 12 specific gates the Lord revealed to me that form a different perspective, and what I believe relate to global portals where heaven meets earth,
      I believe in respect to the Golden Gate other countries include Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand,
      Myanmar, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and I suspect Timor and PNG. However in our region of the Southland of the Holy Spirit there is an overlap with the Bethany Gate, which Tom says includes New Caledonia, New Zealand, Southern India, Australia and Indonesia.
      Here is a link to an old article by Tom that may assist:

      From my point of Vanuatu is an important watch tower of the Lord, particularly for the Southland of the Holy Spirit, and it is such a blessing to know there is a gathering of young watchmen keeping it.

      1. HI Brian
        Greetings from Vanuatu.
        I trust this email finds you well and my apologies for the very very late email response.
        The kids have just ended a 3 weeks prayer. We really appreciate your help in providing the name of the countries, plus the link provided was very helpful and useful.

        Once again we really appreciate your time taken to respond to us and plus being very helpful to us.

        you have a blessed week

        Tropical Regards

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