Here is a insightful, and constructive, prophetic word from the Lord through Curt Landry for 2016, and the Hebrew year 5776. Some excerpts below.

‘We have recently entered the Biblical year of 5776, which is a Jubilee year. In Israel’s history, Jubilee years happen every 50 years and mark a time of restoration, the release of debts, and the release of slaves. A fresh start…with a clean slate! This year is very significant because it is the 70th Jubilee since Joshua and Caleb crossed the Jordan. This is truly the Jubilee of Abundance.’….

‘God is doing a quick work this month of December. The Lord is busy straightening things out for you that you could not work out within your own power. He is moving and working on your behalf. Trust Him. Rejoice in His goodness!’



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