More on the Year 2016 and 5776


house of God and the heavens

There is a strong sense that the Lord God is revealing through the Holy Spirit that in this season….

Double gates open, as with Cyrus, for those who have desired to enter in to Bethel, a place where God’s people gather to Him, in community, in the tabernacle of His presence….in the gate of heaven, where angels ascend and descend upon the ladder of heaven.

  • This is about building this place, raising and rebuilding the walls
  • The work of God through man to rebuild His tabernacle….a new
  • God has entered in the doors of our hearts to this work
  • This is a place of refuge

It is a good year to do a new work associated with building God’s house…and for stretching out your tent pegs (Is. 54). The seed of God has entered through the open door and now you can build.

The prophetic ministry of Enoch…he is on the move.

Expect to see Leviathan’s strangle hold on things such as finances and the church loosened and dealt with – through the God ordained sending of the prophetic ministry and anointing of Enoch. As the hook draws away this Leviathan expect see financial systems fail, and things built upon the spirit of Babylon (world’s financial system) shaken. And yet, there shall be a double portion of heaven’s provision for the children of God.

Increase – the ministry of Jesus to the Jews and Israel, their hearts are being and have been made ready, and acceleration will now come where doors will be opens…and at the signs of the heavens a great harvest come.

The call shall be heard – and the saints of God will come to the watch of Christ, and wait with burning lamp, and hearts on fire, for the Lord on high.

Heavenly signs shall reveal God’s glory and presence…the heavens will indeed declare His praise. The sun, moon, and stars will reveal His authority.

Intercession’s call

Pray for peace in the seas…”Peace be still”. For when the storms come to the South China, Baltic, Mediterranean, Korean, and Javan seas, pray for God’s mercy, that the peace of God would come and the storms shortened, and even arrested before they come.

Sons of Islam, God has heard the cry of the blood you have shed, as Cain murdered Abel, so you have murdered your brother..those who follow My Son. While you have sort death, your shedding of blood will only bring life, for I will cause many of you to bow your knee to Christ, confess His name, and open their hearts to Him. Those of a hardened heart, you know a divided house must fall, and I, El Shaddai, will not relent in bringing justice for the ones who blood you have shed. I will stir up the nations, even to the four corners of the world, and the sword of justice will pursue you in all places.

An unfortunate and unholy alliance has been forged between China and Russia – pray that it will be broken.


For more on what is sensed the Lord is saying about the era we are in, particularly this decade and 2016 see this post, and others here on the blog page. Please test it with the Lord God, and let His Holy Spirit guide you in is truth, knowing that we only see in part and I am sure sure He is revealing a much bigger picture through His body.

One thought on “More on the Year 2016 and 5776

  1. In considering prophetic words, it is important to watch over it to see God’s hand, as well as taking it to God and His holy scriptures (the Bible) to test it. In addition, often these words are revealed by God to allow us to respond, and such response can be in action including providing for what is revealed to come, or repenting to see God intervene to stop such events. The wisdom of God, and the leading of His Holy Spirit, providing guidance as how to respond. Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father to intercede for us, and often the Lord reveals word so we can join with Him in such intercession. The Old and New Testament revealing many such occurrences. (See Number 11:2; Jeremiah 1:16-19; 18:8; 26:3; 36:3-7; Acts 11:28-30; Romans 8:34).

    For this word, which applies for 2016 and a season beyond, we did see significant correction in the financial markets early in the year, a ramping up of war particularly in the middle east – and major sword rattling across Europe, and SE Asia, and also major moves of God. Personally, though, there seems still much to watch over with the Lord to see His entering the hearts of the Jews as they open their hearts, and a stand for peace and repentance among nations and the church to see war avoided and a re-focusing on Christ as the Head of the Church, and lives spared. Much is yet to come, so let us pray.

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