With Israel we stand

With great sadness we have seen the UN (through its Security Council) and UNESCO, seemingly attempt to re-write history by trying to claim Israel is an occupying empower in areas it has thousands of years of continuous history with to this day. It seems they are cannot acknowledge that artificial boundaries drawn during the Oslo Accord in 1967 are just plain flawed, and even worse the Obama Administration with less than a month of rule remaining, and knowing made decisions that are counter the incoming President and Congress….he will feel the consequences of his actions.

It is heartening to see nations like Australia not be drawn in to this attack on Israel, and perhaps even Great Britain start to see the error of their decision. While the Bible makes it clear that in end times God will restore Israel, this is not without significant dispute and war, and perhaps we are just seeing this play out. However, and this is big, God does make it clear He is looking for those nations who will protect His people, and bring justice for Israel – not plundering it. The consequences of turning against God’s plan for Israel are stark.

Most sad is to see that New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal sponsored the most recent action for the UN Security Council, and the Arab nations such as Jordan in the recent tragic decision by UNESCO. Egypt participating all along..albeit sometimes reluctantly. It is the actions though of those first four nations, and Russia, that create such sadness. For in so doing they have not just rejected Israel’s side, but it seems they have sort to ignore God’s. There is such a strong sense that their actions have set them on a road of separation from God’s government, and reject His hand of grace. New Zealand, you once fought with Australia to liberate Israel from foreign intruders, now you have turned your back on them. Repent please, for surely you have already felt such pain.

Russia’s ambitions are clear..with Crimea, Syria, and now this action. Wake up watchman, wake up UN! Pray to our Lord Jesus for His intervention. Interestingly, these decision too by the UN are really just weakening its position, and perhaps signalling the split that is inevitable.


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