Canada, be the Sycamore you are called to be

Canada, the Lord has been speaking to you of your destiny through the prophetic voice, and indeed even in the image of the “king of your forests”,the Maple Tree. In this image He reveals a vision of who you are in His eyes, for He sees things though they not, as though they are. In Christ your vision is fulfilled. As the maple, you are a strong tree, providing shade and refuge, good timber for His house, releasing the sweetness of love and new life, and the honey that brings a revelation of Christ, and the eyes to see Him. By you Zacharias climbs to see the Lord, and from there transformation comes.

Only remember your life comes from being rooted in God, and drinking on the Holy Spirit, feeding on the word of God. Be in the climate and placement of God, be wary of the gardener who seek to train you in to who you are not, even exposing you the the ways of another land, and the valleys of heats you are not called in to. Who has decieved you in to thinking that others can be your life source, and your provision comes from he markets of the world, and the ways that appear attractive, but in turn they only draw you away from your Heavenly Father.

Repent, and turn afresh to the Lord. Ask Him to open your eyes to see your condition, and the Christ. Let His fire, and cleansing flow, restore and renew. In your pride, you have worshipped the idols that entice you, playing the harlot with the merchants and the spirit of Babylon. 

Quick now, faithful saints of this great nation, humble yourselves and pray. For He hears your prayers, and He will heal you land. Only be quick, lest the fire does come to consume  all, to cleanse the very ground, and even expose the foundations of seas and rivers. 

In His desire, you are the apple of His eye. Turn to Christ afresh knowing His vision of you.

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