Scotland, be the brave..pursue love

Word received 17 March 2017

The Lord Lifts up His decrees of Psalm 91 over the Sunshine Coast (Queensland), Sydney, USA, and Britian.
Scotland, you shall not divorce England, rather together you will lift up your voices with Wales, Cornwall, and Ireland, and declare My name, as so it is in he far isles.

I will cut off the head of the beast that tries to entangle you with the spirit of Babylon and leviathan. For he shall be drawn away, Babylon will be thrown down, and the beast’s days are numbered and the end of them is known and now, and a place is set for them in fire. Witchcraft, and the schemes of Jezebel, are revealed and bound up, for I the Lord have heard your cry and will deliver you, setting you in a broad place. I come and scatter the foe, dark clouds encomping Me for the brightness of My glory, lightening, and hail go before Me. I thunder form heaven, and the arrows of My lightening cause the enemy to flee, and he is crushed and I will place him under your feet. 

Even now the headless serpent writhes and seeks to still entangle you. Know that he is blind, and without leadership, and despite his coils, has had true power removed. Only be vigilant,  watch for the coils of death, and discard of that which dies. Press in to Me, and do not fear, know I have joined you, and with perfect love you cast out fear. 

Let Psalm 18 be your song.

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