29 January – Mark the Date

Humbly submitted for your discernment in Christ, for the bells and alarms have been sounding for a day and a season.

When the:

  • Bells ring and the alarms sound;
  • Many return to The Good Shepherd, their first love, and a new adventure begins;
  • Covenants are renewed, and the Lord’s ministers are set apart;
  • Hearts are opened to the Healer, and freedom comes;
  • Doors open to new beginnings, and the Lord’s promises;
  • Prophets are welcome in to the market place;
  • Praises of God resound;
  • Courts of heaven’s government are seated and judgement made;
  • Ones often rebuked due to evil, but have hardened their heart, are no more;
  • New kings emerge;
  • Once proud “godly” cities and houses, powerful in their own strength, are humbled;
  • Voice of the Lord is revealed, new things birthed, waters and seas respond, and the wilderness shaken;
  • Captives receive hope, and promises restored;
  • Pacific ring of fire erupts, and old mountains prepare for their explosion;
  • Land quakes;
  • Cyclones emerge;
  • Kings bring their offerings for the House of God; and
  • Signs in the heavens are readied

🔔 ⏰ ❤️ 🌹 🗝 👩‍⚕️ 🚪 🏡 ⛪️ 📣 🗣 🌋 🌊 ⚔️ 🔥 ☄️ 🌪 👑 🙏 🎰 💰 🌒

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