When a super blood moon becomes blue

Mark the date – 31 January 2018.

This event is indeed a once in a blue moon event, as this day a blood moon is a blue moon, a very peculiar trifecta – A rare cooperation of heavenly signs, necessarily pointing to special times.

See news story here for more information on the science of the event

These are indeed signs that make you wonder…and the Bible certainly highlights that these events foreshadow unfolding world event. What does the Word of God reveal (signal) about these events? In the last day so much is said to occur involving similar signs, and Biblical reference, and the Holy Spirit, reveals that now these signs confirm that we are in an amazing season – foreshadowing (prophesying) the future. In summary:

* We are in the last days (Acts 2:17-21)

* We are entering a season of global financial tumult (Isaiah 13:10 – note Babylon here pointing to world financial systems today as per Rev. 17)

* Christ’s return draws near – and specifically a renewed call to watch for Him (Matthew 24:29-31)

* An amazing season of redemption draws near (Luke 21:25-28)

* Significant empire level conflict and global challenges (Zechariah 14 and Joel 3)

* Even more heavenly wonders will occur – including falling star systems (Revelations 6:12-13)

* Salvation for the Hebrew tribes, and the multitudes, in great numbers (Revelations 7:1-7)

* Restoration coming soon for His ancient people (Zechariah 14:6,7)

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