Easter, Passover, Abib, and the New Hebrew Sacred Year – and what God says to us

As we draw closer to the time of Easter, it is good to recall the ancient link with Passover, and the associated Hebrew month of Nisan (also known as Abib), which starts this year (2018) on the 16th of March, and generally occurs in March or April. A timely reminder of our salvation and deliverance, and what God is prophesying over us.

It may be well known that there is a link between Passover and Easter, given that it is the time of the year that Christ was crucified[1], and rose from the dead, and also that He very much revealed Himself to be the Passover Lamb, where His blood was shed[2] that we would be saved from eternal death as we believe in Him (He blood covering the doors of our soul), like the Passover  lamb[3] at the time of the Israelites exodus spared them from death when the blood it shed was placed over the doors of the Israelites homes to spare them from the death that was wrought by angels of destruction against the first born of Egypt. It is also a great time to remember that the Son of God came to bring us freedom, again foreshadowed by the great escape of the Israelites from 400 plus years as slaves to Egypt – and that which lead them back to the promised land.

What may not be well appreciated, is that this time represents the (spiritual) calendar of heaven for God’s children. God chose the Israelites to be His children, and while gone astray, will be restored in the end of days as well clarified by the Apostle Paul[4]. We are the new children[5] of God grafted in to this root, and so open to the influences of God’s season for His children. Perhaps more directly, we are found in Christ[6], and so we must understand that as He is God, and also the Son of Man, we are also open to that which influences God on earth (Immanuel). Finally, as the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy[7], we are very much having our lives prophesied over by the life of Christ, and His story on earth. We need to be careful not be too religious about these linkages, and remember we are under a new covenant, however we also need to remind ourselves of the ancient truths that stand eternally.

So with this in mind, let us also look at the Hebrew month that reflect this time of the year, Abib also called Nisan, and what it and the great testimonies of God (Christ’s crucifixion, the Passover Lamb, and the Exodus of God’s children) are prophesying to us now.

Abib (אביב) meaning:

  • Refers to ‘ear’, or a time of the year where the grain comes in to ear.
  • Stage in the growth of grain when the seeds have reached full size and filling with starch; A in your ear of corn or grain.
  • First month of Biblical ecclesiastical year, and Hebrew agricultural/sacred year, and seventh month of Hebrew administrative/civil year.
  • Refers to spring, tender greens.
  • Month of flowers
  • Passover month (Lev. 23; Numbers 28; Deut. 16)

Nisan (נִיסָן‎) meaning:

  • Generally accepted to be ‘bud’ and/or ‘miracle’, noting the miracle of a seed budding.
  • Seems to become the name for the first month about the time of Esther and Nehemiah (Neh. 2:1; Esther 3:7)
  • Harvest begins 16th of Nisan and Abib (see Ex. 13:4; 23:15; Lev. 23:4-11)
  • First fruits time (Lev. 23:4-11)
  • Blossoms of redemption

We obtain even deeper insight when looking at the pictograph that represent the Hebrew characters that make up each work.

Abib (אביב) pictograph meaning:

א (El) – Ox head, power, strong, leader, God

ב (Bet) – tent floor plan, house, tent, family, in

י (Yad) – Arm and closed hand, work, throw, pray, worship, God’s presence

ב (Bet) – tent floor plan, house, tent, family, in

Hebrew numeric value of 1+2+10+2 = 15

Nisan (נִיסָן‎) pictograph meaning:

נִ (Nun) – Seed, to continue, heir, son, faithful one

י (Yad) – Arm and closed hand, work, throw, pray, worship, God’s presence

סָ (Samekh) – Shield, thorn, protect, God’s surrounding support, lean upon, to uphold

ן‎ (Nun) – Seed, to continue, heir, son, faithful one

Hebrew numeric value of 50 + 10 + 60 + 700 = 820

Note:  סָ (Samekh) and ן‎ (Nun) combined bring the Hebrew word for miracle.

Reading then right to left as is required for Hebrew, you then come with pictures that paint the following words, particularly when considering the significance of Passover.

Abib – God leads His family in to His house of prayer, worship, and in His presence; Or, God leads you in to two houses, with prayer and worship; Or, God leads His family by His presence, through worship, and prayer, in to His family, house, and land for them; Or, some combination of these.

Nisan – The seed, by prayer, God’s presence and surrounding support, multiples and expands in to growth; Or, the season where the seed grows by the miracle of God in to its manifold fruit; Or, Season of the spring time growth miracle for the seed.

Bring both of these together, one could say of this month and season, it is where God leads you in to a season of miraculous growth, redemption, and freedom, to a place of His house, and land assigned for you.; Where the seed of Bethel come forth in fruit.

So let this season speak to you of God spiritual plan for your life, and one that will also see elements of His heavenly plan for you be on earth as well. A time of miraculous deliverance, where you are freed to fulfill His promises for you, where His family comes to His house, and a place of manifold increases of the seeds that were sown. He will cause you to receive plunder from your enemies as He brings you the escape from their grasp, and sees them defeated. Where the first fruits of the new harvest are made manifest, and you are released to walk in to His promised land.  Only keep your eyes on the Lord, and trust in His deliverance, provision, and plan. May the Lord bring revelation to you of His plans for you as in the Spirit of God you meditate on His word, and also celebrate the freedom we have in Christ through His precious gift on the cross.

[1] Matthew 26:

[2] Matthew 26:28; Mark 14:24

[3] Exodus 12

[4] Romans 11

[5] John 1:12

[6] Philippians 3:9

[7] Revelations 19:10

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