Easter, Nisan, and the season of miracles

Sacred Kingfishers

As we approach the traditional period of Easter this month (10-12 April), and also the Hebrew month of Nisan which marks the beginning of Passover (commencing 8 April), and the start of a new sacred year, it seemed appropriate to revisit a previous posting about the remarkable messages God speaks to us about this season. For as Easter marks the greatest sacrifice, and the most amazing miracle of Christ crucified and raised from the dead, and those who believe with Him, so we find that the ancients Hebrew month of Nisan (also known as Abib), speaks of a wondrous time of miracles, God’s presence, prayer, and entering the house.

When looking in to the messages hidden by God in season, and the ancient Hebrew calendar, one could say of this month and season, it is where God leads you in to a season of miraculous growth, redemption, and freedom, to a place of His house, and land assigned for you. Where the seed of Bethel come forth in fruit.

May the Lord bring revelation to you of His plans for you as in the Spirit of God you meditate on His word, and also celebrate the freedom we have in Christ through His precious gift on the cross.

So please see this link for more insight.

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