The King’s Canopy Revealed


Today, my wife and I launched a new ministry and website.

The King’s Canopy is essentially focused on abiding in the presence of God, within the canopy of His chamber. This place is in the heavenlies, and is about being with our Lord Jesus Christ, focusing on His face, and dwelling with Him. It is from here we intercede and prophecy as He leads, and believe that His canopy is then extended over the realms in to which He has us minister.

We enter in either in your prayer closet, or by coming together as the Bride of Christ across the city or region, to intercede and do whatever Jesus the King reveals in the gatherings. This ministry is led by the Holy Spirit, headed by Jesus Christ, encouraging and empowering each believer to share their gifts and insights. So we extend a very warm welcome for to join with this ministry as the Lord leads.

​We understand this includes establishing ‘The King’s Canopy’, as we join with our Lord Jesus Christ at the right hand of our heavenly Father, interceding and prophesying for those regions and people He places on our heart. In so doing, joining with others as they respond to this same call, to see the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, watching for His return, and the preparation of the Bride of Christ, principally through prophetic intercession, and teaching.

​This site simply shares some of the insights we have received from the Lord. We pray it brings Him glory, and edifies the Body of Christ. This is a faith based ministry.

Yours faithfully


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