The Wisdom of Noah

Then God spoke to Noah, saying, “Go out of the ark, you and your wife, and your sons and your sons’ wives with you. (Genesis 8:15,16

As we prayerfully ponder the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and see the angst arising by some as a result of the restrictions in movement placed by governments in an attempt to control its spread, it is wise to not only remember the patience of Noah, but also his wisdom. For not only did he take 100 years to build an ark, while all others dismissed the warnings of an impending flood, he also understood that his footsteps were ordered by the Lord at all time, and that he should not run ahead of God’s plans.

We are born for freedom, and blind compliance is foolish, and there is wisdom in discerning the controlling and demonic spirits seeking to make use of this pandemic (such a political, religious, witchcraft, and simple ambition); BUT, it is wise to understand the purposes of God in all this global reset and shaking of the church, the nations, relationships, family, and most of all our connection to Him. Are we obeying the call to the upper room, into the prayer closet..waiting for His renewal and birth of a new movement and person, or just trying to rush in to maintaining ‘business as usual’? The Lord is on the move in these days, do we perceive His hand?

Quite some years ago God had warned of global tsunamis sweeping the nations, like this viral pandemic and associated upheaval, and called us to prepare houses of refuge. There is a sense He is now is saying we need to understand the wisdom and patience of Noah, for he built an ark of God to be a refuge during a time of global flood, and not just after the rains stopped, or after the 150 days when the flood began to recede, but for over a year. When the ark parked on Mt. Ararat, did he break out, He waited for the Lord’s leading. Months later he released the prophetic watchmen (raven) to discern the time…who watched for the time for release, and new life.

The anointed apostolic/pioneer (dove) was also sent out, but returned as it was not time to leave the ark, only to be sent out again to return with the olive branch, bringing understanding to Noah that the time of peace and prosperity was coming, and soon was that time to re-emerge to build anew. The dove (apostolic anointing) soon released there after to prepare for the harvest, and yet Noah waited a month or so before all were released from the ark to go far and wide. In all more than a year passed after the rain began to fall, and 7 months after the waters began to recede, before Noah, his family, and all the animals leave the safety of the ark.

With wisdom from above we need to discern when to move out of the ark of refuge, and when to release the prophetic and apostolic voices to prepare for the coming outpouring and harvest, and in the meanwhile intercede and raise the sound that confronts the demonic and opportunistic new order controlling schemes. God is bigger than all them. There are stages that precede the final freedom of leaving the ark, and it is important not to run ahead of God’s wisdom, or we will ‘drown’ in the malaise still unfolding, and miss the blessing from above. Trust the Lord, seek His wisdom, let us not make the mistake of believing ‘our rights of freedom’ will bring us life in this season, only the will of God.

As the rain of the pandemic fell during December, and the flood started to cause many nations to run to their arks in March, there is a sense that while this pandemics waters have started to recede, we need to testing when it is time to leave the places of refuge. Send forth prophetic voices, let the pioneering and apostolic ones ones go ahead, and they will reveal the time when peace has finally come. Maybe as in the days of Noah, our full release could take up to a year, but during that time steps to freedom can be made. As we wait on the Lord in our homes of prayer, like upper rooms of old, He will send His Spirit and Fire in a new move of God, transforming us in to His butterfly, but we must wait on the Lord.

For your prayerful consideration.

Reference: Genesis 7 and 8

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