Remembering the USA


From a post early in May calling us to prophetic intercession/prayer…

‘Thank you Lord God that You move on the hearts of men, women, and children in this nation You formed, to unite them afresh under Jesus Christ as Your Spirit moves among them. Bless you Lord for Your healing of relationships as Your people seek Your face during this season of refuge, and Your merciful hand. As a nation formed under much blood shed, may the healing power of the Father move even deeper by the blood He shed for them in Jesus Christ’. ‘Lord, this is Your nation, do not let their weaknesses take from Your glory. Let not the nations laugh at Your work, revive their hearts, cause them to bend their knees at the name of Jesus, restoring them to the Father’s heart. May a great revival break forth as they repent and turn afresh to Your love. Be it in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, Jefferson City, Phoenix, Tallahassee, Olympia, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, or beyond, may the fires of revival burn as the Holy Spirit sweeps across the nation, fanning the flame of a heart burning afresh for the Anointed One, Jesus Christ. As they wait on You, pour out Your fire.’…..The Lord has revealed that a great schism will develop in the US as those states who pursue their own way, rejecting truth and God’s way, fight against those who humble themselves before the Lord, and His Word. Some mistakenly, will call this moderates versus conservatives, urbans vs. country. Only in Lord this can be stopped, but only as all humble themselves before His word. For across the nation a great sifting is occurring, and hidden agendas exposed, revealing the true black and white divide that goes beyond races, in to the hearts of its people. The Lord can heal the broken hearted.

This prayer (see below link) for unity in the USA was posted with the Lord’s leading, with a strong sense that He was warning against forces that seek to tear the nation apart. But, He believes in ‘one nation under God’ so our Lord calls us to partner with Him, as Jesus restores unity among the saints, and through them the nation.

Please, intercede for the USA. May the light and love of Christ expose the truth, and heal the pain. Let justice be found, and true peace come in and through His name. As we look for peace to return to the streets of the cities in the USA, and also for justice to be done for those wronged due to their race, amid all this it can be truly said that peace can only be found in the One, Jesus Christ. He looks beyond the apparent issue, to where the true divide is occurring, and desires to heal the wound, and by His light and love cause the evil to flee. God will turn this apparent chaos, into a confluence the comes from the joining of major rivers, to make an even stronger flow for His glory, bringing a new unity among us in Him.

Let us humble ourselves before the Lord, repent, turn from our wayward ways, and seek His face.


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