Prayer Alert: Virtual Virus Pandemic Threat

Intercessors Alert: Virtual Virus Pandemic Threat

The following is provided for your prayers and intercession, following insight received by the Holy Spirit. A prophetic warning that allows us to intercede against this plan, knowing the Lord God can be our shield, and will stop or reduce this impact of such an attack as we seek Him.

Date: September 2020

Key verse: You have hedged me behind and before, and laid Your hand upon me. (Psalm 139:5)

Summary: Time to pray in to the heavenly realm, to strengthen the canopy over our regions, people, and nations against a planned viral pandemic that is cyber/internet based, rather than biological, which is designed to leverage the COVID-19 fear and uncertainty. Evil forces within the Red Dragon and Bear nations are colluding to develop a multi-facetted series of computer viruses that will quickly replicate, if allowed, to move as a global wave of fear and disruption. Somewhat sinister in nature, the threats are to those things that have provided societal cohesion, and support, during these times of enforced social separation/distancing, such as virtual gatherings, open air parklands, gaming, and internet meetups. Cleverly the threat will be disguised, sometimes appearing as ransomware threats, attacking naming and identity services, target mobile (smart devices) communications, as well as desktop-based solutions, meetup services such as Zoom, gaming consoles, large scale online games, and gaming forums. This virus will be like a swarm of hornets, targeting those in the community . The strategy is to cause further weakness in nations, to allow for easier expansion, coercion to their doctrine, and economic gain. But God has exposed the schemes and calls to His faithful prayer warrior to build with Him the shield that will bring protection, and to wield the spiritual weapons that will pull down the enemy’s plan.

For more information please see here for the full post by The King’s Canopy ministry.

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