The Battle of Empires

For we are in the season of warfare, where empires are waging war. Tribes join forces against others, nations rise up against each other, as to neighbourhoods, families, and sadly more. These battles are in the world and church, and while largely about territory, also about righteousness and peace, and we are seeing new levels of brashness of demonic forces, operating through terrorists, humanists, and many leaders, perpetrating darkness at seemingly new levels…and yet this has been before.


Christ does indeed raise up a standard against the enemies flood, and He is more than a conqueror, and will have the victory in Him.

His war cry is, “Freedom”.

He seeks our freedom in Him, Christ, and the communities that honour Him, and His government. As we have seen in the western and developing world, the freedom to declare His gospel, the life giving word, has be attacked by forces seeking to silent the Christians voice, and people taking away reasonable freedoms. Most alarming to Him of all, is the hindering and ill equipping His children, even place man between them and their Lord God having, rather than encouraging all to come to Him. To repeat, most concerning  of all to the King of kings are those forces in the Church that hinder the children having a direct relationship with their God, and Father. Instead we see many seeking to insert Old Testament priestly models, where they infer they are the only ones who can liaise with God, and inserts controls for their benefit, not equipping and releasing the saints in to their fullness with Him, and in Him.

The Lord Jesus Christ has decreed, as the Son has set you free, so you are free indeed! He came to restore us to the Father, and will war again against the forces hindering this truth. He died that we may know Him, and He lives forevermore, and so in His eternal power it will become most evident He will again restore His children unto Him. Those who seek Him, and shepherd and serve those they are appointed to lead in His kingdom, will see God influence and blessing arise to humbly they rely on God, and honour Him.



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