Advent Messenger

“The Dayspring from on high has visited us; To give light to those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” What a powerful message to be given, announcing the ministry of Christ, and yet most forget the one who delivered it. A father in … More Advent Messenger

Advent Miracles

Walking on water, many have tried to imitate it, but there is only One who has recorded internationally to have done so, however stories do exist of some saints who have followed. Miracles! These explainable happenings which reveal powers unseen, are indeed a mystery, and yet central to the testimony of Christ, and those who … More Advent Miracles

Advent Encounters

Encounters angels are so very much associated with the Christmas story, and in fact throughout the Bible. These were real, and brought hope and direction, messages from God, and always glory to the Lord. Such help also came from these messengers from heaven as they ministered to the saints. God is the same yesterday, today, … More Advent Encounters

Continued Prayer for New Zealand…and be alert

Earthquake: 5.1 – New Zealand, 41 km NNE of Whakatane on Sun, 15/12/19, 7:52 pm AEST. (via QuakeWatch) As this quake reveals, the authorities have reason to be careful about recovering missions from White Island after that dreadful disaster that occurred just less than a week before following a volcanic eruption. One that killed close … More Continued Prayer for New Zealand…and be alert

The Advent Stand

Christmas looks a little different in one part of the world to another. In one place, snow covered trees, warming fireplaces, candlelight, and Yuletide cheer. In another, tall trees with a star on top stand against hot summer skies, cool shade and air conditioners are welcomed, long days a given, and refreshments sort. In all, … More The Advent Stand

Advent Gold

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, and yet it is also a season that seems increasingly commercialised by retailers, and accompanied by decorations that glitter, and packages that shine. For this reason it is difficult not to be cynical of the pressure to buy the bling, and perhaps the giving can be a … More Advent Gold